Each Dot Is 25 People: White, Black, Asian Hispanic, Or Other (yellow) As Of 2010, Fire Fighting In Jacksonville.

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He denied his involvement in the robbery — and was never convicted of that alleged offense — but admitted to violating the terms of his probation. Graham's attorney at the time asked the court for five years, and the Department of Corrections recommended four. Prosecutors wanted 30. Circuit Court Judge Lance Day gave Graham the maximum: life without parole. The Supreme Court took up Graham's case and in its 2010 opinion said juveniles can’t be sentenced to life without parole for crimes that aren’t murder. To do so would be cruel and unusual because kids can change, the court said. As a result, Graham and the 128 others like him got a chance for new, shorter sentences; Seventy-seven of those cases were in Florida. A handful of inmates have since been released, but most of the defendants in Jacksonville — including Graham — were given decades-long sentences and remain behind bars. When Graham's case was sent back to circuit court for re-sentencing in 2012, Day was again the judge on the bench. Day gave Graham 25 years. The Graham decision was one in a series of historic rulings in which the Supreme Court restricted how juveniles can be sentenced for serious crimes.

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